... providing a seamless integration of Manufacturing Expertise and New Technologies for a wide range of Commercial Industries.

CNC Custom Parts

   Our facility is dedicated to rapid development of custom parts based on existing technical drawing or in collaboration based on direct customer input from the beginning to the production stage. Our new generation equipment is fully integrated with our drafting and programming center for quick error free flow of information allowing us to meet your critical delivery requirements.

   No matter how simple or complex the project, Northwest Tool will manufacture it for you in the shortest amount of time possible, with excellent quality and at a competitive cost. We will also assist you with problem solving support in any area where you might need it.

     We specialize in building parts from customer supplied prints and specification. For years Northwest Tool has been and still is helping supply replacement parts a variety of industries, including but not limited too, food processing and packaging. Our products consist of valve systems, discs, bushings, gears, packing rings, bolts, studs, and any other custom made components you might need.


   All of our parts meet or exceeds OEM standards. Our extensometers, for example, set our product apart from average counterparts available on the market; in terms of unparalleled quality, reliability, ergonomics and value. Our gages are available in both, ISO or metric configuration.