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Hard Jaws Sine Angle Plus System

   After a search for a solution to a work setup/holding issue we had, the items available did not satisfy our requirements. So we decided to develop and market our own Hard Jaw System with integrated matched pair Sine Bar.

   Our Jaw Sine Bar System is our solution, 100% designed and made in the USA. From our tool room to yours, a solution we know will make our industry just a little easier to work in. Our current model fits standard 6" Kurt Vises. More Models and options are being developed.

     Model# TDJ-6000


- functions as a 3" sine bar from 0 to 45deg

- range of motion from 0 to 90deg

- use angle blocks or protractor for quick precise setup

- works as vertical dead stop at 90deg

- Hardened Steel

- Precision Ground

- fits 6" standard Anglock type Vise, such as Kurt, Bison, etc.

- Sine Bar accuracy is +/- 0.0005

- Each set is a matched pair of Jaws

For Current Retail Pricing and Full Parts List:


Jaw Dimensions for TDJ-6000

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Additional Options and Models coming soon!  

Sold complete, as shown below; excluding Gauge Blocks.